Chinese Knot and Red Lantern Orders Are Increasing Steadily in Yiwu

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Chinese Knot and Red Lantern Orders Are Increasing Steadily in Yiwu

As New Year’s Day is approaching, the atmosphere of traditional Chinese New Year is more and more strong. In Yiwu market, festive grilles, ornaments, small hang bags and small firecrackers are everywhere, which make the whole market beaming. By the end of year, Yiwu Festival Arts & Crafts Market is the most flourishing of all. It’s not only due to the festive colors and lively crowd, the key point lies in the steadily increasing orders.

Without the lead and introduction of people or dealers who are familiar with the festive supplies, you are likely to feel dazzled by the various festive supplies in Yiwu Festival’s Market. In China, “red” has always been a festive color,  representing luck and wealth and “gold” represents noble, glory, magnificence and brilliance. These two colors reflect upon each other and make the market beaming and boisterous.

In Yiwu Festival’s Market, the bright red Chinese knots and a variety of red lanterns are extraordinary eye-catching. Chinese knots have strong Chinese flavor and are especially welcomed by Chinese people. They sell good both in domestic market and foreign trade. The export of the Chinese knots is mainly targeted at overseas Chinese or those who cannot come back on Chinese festivals. On every Chinese festival, many overseas Chinese will arrange gatherings or parties to celebrate our traditional festivals. In this occasion, the bright red Chinese knots are essential.

Similarly, red lanterns are an essential part of Chinese festivals. During Chinese traditional Spring Festival, every household will hang red lanterns. Many shopping malls, organizations or street offices will also purchase a large number of lanterns as New Year’s ornament. The hanging red lanterns which symbolize reunion and luck can not only create a festive atmosphere but also be used as house decorations in Yiwu.

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