China’s tourism product competition came to an end

by | Jul 1, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

June 27, China’s tourism commodity goods Contest announced, 80 points commodity were achieved the gold award, silver award, bronze award, the city’s “PC suitcase” for bronze award.

The China National Tourism Product Competition for the collection of Chinese culture and local characteristics of the arts and crafts, traditional craft and modern technology such as the production of souvenirs, gifts, etc., selected by experts to launch a number of outstanding travel products, brands and design agencies , to enhance the competitiveness of our tourism product through building a tourism product design, production, management and marketing platform, and introduce the commodity to the world of Chinese culture and tourism commodities bright. Competition a total of 10 gold, 20 silver, 50 bronze, Zhejiang Province, “Yuan blue and white mouse pad series”, Beijing “Capital Museum souvenirs Series” are 10 works won the gold medal.

Yiwu City recommended “PC suitcase” Bronze. Expert assessment, the”PC suitcase” of the dragon bags manfature take a perfect combination of modern technology and traditional culture, the appearance with the most blue and white porcelain Chinese characteristics, material combine the characteristics of PC, using a unique patented technology HLT. The luggage product set-tech, practical, appreciated in one, It is the representative of modern technology and the combination of tourism products, focused on the performance of the trends of tourism product innovation.

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