China electronic educational toys

China electronic  educational toys

With the rapid development of digital technology in recent years, more companies have committed to electronic educational Yiwu toy market,  the old brands and new of China  are varieties emerging. In shopping malls and networks, these products have become hot items.

According to Children’s age, gender, and preferences to choose their own electronice ducational toys, from plush dolls, dolls, to the appearance of a computer learning machine,point reading machine, and the set both have  reading and writing pen .

Now the children could  recognition toys by voice, listening  while playing to enhanced listening and speaking ability, as well as understanding through heard on other things . The identification of more light toys  could enhance the capabilities of  pictures, listening, and distinguish map. while watching  and listening.

Recently, a number of further use of technology, also gives the new electronic educational toys for more highlights:A few years ago, more than 20 words up to identify of talking toys, and now the possibility of intelligent dialogue, has greatly increased.Recent study of point reading machine should insert a card, but now the card is unworthy of the line, just inserted on television,you could  read according to own preferences.and All type of electronic educational toy could find in china biggest commodity market, yiwu market.

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