Chaozhou evening dress

by | Jun 28, 2011 | Yiwu News

Exquisite white wedding dress, amazing colors evening dress … … come to Yiwu International Expo Center Exhibition Hall E1 Chaozhou Xiangqiao wedding dress street, as if being in the fashion elegant and sexy hall, the colors, exquisite craft, complete style, really eye-opener.

All these wedding dress are from China famous wedding dress city Chaozhou, and those 10 exhibitors are a small part of hundreds of wedding dress manufacturers in Chaozhou. “Yiwu market ,the wedding dress is still a blank stage, we hope to have the opportunity to fill this gap.” Organizers introduce, Chaozhou wedding dress manufacturers have more than 90% concentrated in the Xiangqiao, before the product basic exported both to Europe and the United States, nearly two years, they paying attention to the domestic market.

Qingqi beaded garments Co., Ltd. is one of an exhibitor, official Chen Jiyuan told reporters that they designed and manufactured wedding dress 16 years of history, machine production and hand-sewn binding, so that in the wedding dress production and delicacy of the more secure guarantee . With the domestic wedding dress became popular, they intend to develop the domestic market, but still basically sold to Shantou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Heilongjiang. The exhibition is the hope of finding a suitable domestic agent, taking wedding dress into the more domestic market.

Compared with the Suzhou wedding dress, Chaozhou wedding dress greater use of traditional crafts embroidery, so a more refined product more noble “Yiwu has been heard by high visibility in national and even global market, we wanted to see if I can is also the introduction Chaozhou evening dress to Yiwu market and win more business.” One official said.

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