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Yiwu necklaces

Yiwu necklaces It is known to us all that the small commodities in yiwu, china are very popular among the world. And so it is the same as necklaces, which located in China Yiwu International Trade City District 1, the 2ed floor. Yiwu necklaces are very wonderful and beautiful. The necklaces have different designs. They […]

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Yiwu tables

Yiwu tables market has many kinds of tables and they are applied to every family. Whatever your family size it is, our Yiwu tables could meet your needs. Yiwu tables are located in China Yiwu International Trade City District two, and the first floor. The tables can classify into several parts, like coffee tables, dinning […]

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Yiwu Souvenirs

Yiwu Souvenirs Sometimes, do you want to give your family or your friends a big surprise? Or you want to buy something different to keep as a trophy? But you are too busy and you have no time to act. However, now is your best time, our website have various types of Yiwu souvenirs product. […]

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Yiwu bicycle

  Yiwu bicycle Our yiwu bicycles are located in International Trade City District 2, the second floor. There are many kinds of yiwu bicycles. They are not only applicable to children and students, but also to the young and the old. The usages of bicycles are very extensive. You will find that you make a […]

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Yiwu hairpins

Yiwu hairpins Are you still bored with your long fringe hair which is always easily to cover with your bright eyes? Yiwu hairpins belongs Yiwu jewelry market which is located in China Yiwu international city.  Are you still doubt that you want to cut your fringe but is neither to long nor too short?Ok, now […]

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Yiwu suitcase

If your business lies in wholesaling suitcase for clients, Yiwu suitcases and bags market will never let you down in Zhejiang province. Yiwu suitcase market is seated on the first floor of the international trade city of 2 districts (on the 1st and 4th floor). Most of the suitcase is black, because this color is […]

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Yiwu radio

Yiwu radio Yiwu Radio and Television Station is the only institution that undertakes the designing and broadcasting of radio and television programs. It is the same background in the foreign courntries. As a general rule, the freguency of the FM and AM will change with the region in addition to the shortwave. In this case, […]

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Yiwu camera

Yiwu camera When we grewn up we may wondering about our chidhood, but sometimes it is a pity, we can’t find our photobook. While with a Yiwu camera we can turn the instant beauty into perpetual memery. For this reason, you’d better to come to yiwu China to wholesale digital camera for yourselef or the […]

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Yiwu MP3

Yiwu MP3 The full name of MP3 is Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer III. However, if you can’t afford to purchase a luxurious or brand MP3, It’s very convenient and economical for you to come to Yiwu market-the paradise for retailers and wholesalers. Yiwu MP3 must satisfy your requirements and demands.  Certaily,Yiwu MP3 player […]

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Yiwu wallpapers

Yiwu wallpapers When people decorating their bedroom, they want their metope more abundant and distinctive.The most economy way is to select the wallpaper of individual character. So on the Yiwu market, Yiwu wallpaper with various type and different style can satisfy the requirements and demands of the consumer.  Yiwu wallpaper can be roughly divided into […]

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