Car washing prices rose quietly in Yiwu

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Car washing prices rose quietly in Yiwu

Car washing prices rose quietly in Yiwu

With Chinese New Year’s approaching, price of car washing in Yiwu has quietly raised from the original 15 yuan  to 20 yuan each time , growing for almost thirty percent. And the price increase of this time  is only the beginning. According to the practice in previous years, it is expected that the price will be adjusted around 22ed of this month. “According to last year’s price, on the days near the Spring Festival, it is estimated to be 30 yuan per washing, and fine washing may need 50 yuan. Usually after a couple of weeks the price will come back. ”

the rising labor cost is the main reason

Speaking of the reasons for price increases, a Yiwu car-wash worker near the Yiwu Airport told reporters that the mainly reason is that labor costs rose too much. When it is close to the year end, car wash workers all want to go home early to celebrate New Year. In order to retain them, bosses have to improve their salary. Besides this year store rent, utilities, and the price of car washing materials keep rising, the original profit is very low. If they do not raise prices, they cannot even get breakeven level, let alone get profits. Many workers are from other places, it’s hard to recuit new workers and also difficult to retain old workers during this period.   In response to labor shortage, car wash owners have to ask families to help when it’s busy.

And when New Year comes, workers’ wages will usually double. If the car washing price is not adjusted, it is difficult to maintain. Therefore, during the Spring Festival holiday car washing price adjustment in Yiwu is conventional “trade rules”.

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