Business to Business Integration

Business to Business Integration


If your company already has an internal online purchasing system, such as Ariba, Commerce One, SAP or Oracle, we can work with you to enable purchasing from HP through your internal system. Learn more about the benefits of the Business to Business Integration program. 

There are many platforms available for business to business integration: Ariba, SAP, Oracle, Commerce One, PeopleSoft, Right Works. These platforms are good for you to do business to business integration. For many companies, there are many benefits. 

  Now here I show you the benefits of business to business integration:

1. Reduces your costs

Automated end to end transaction processing reduces transaction costs

Reduced order time through automated approval routing and order submission

Reduced "off-contract" spending through standards catalogs and pre-defined workflow approvals

2. Improves productivity

Decreased administrative/clerical errors by reducing paperwork

Little or no training required for users

Integration with customer's back-end system for end-to-end order processing

3. Encourages adherence to your contract

Helps you standardize and simplify your IT environment by specifying your company product standards in your catalog

Increased contract compliance and visibility to special negotiated pricing

4. Secure, customized shopping

Detailed product information

Product configuration capability

Navigation tailored to IT purchasing

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