Bags and cases market in Yiwu

Bags and cases market in Yiwu

The Yiwu bags and cases market is located on 1st Floor and 4th Floor, District2, International Trade City.

Bags and cases market is one of the biggest markets in Yiwu. Over 2,400 shops sit on the first floor of district 2, Yiwu International Trade City. 


There are a variety of bags and cases. For example: Lady's handbags, kid's school pulling cases, men's wallets, cosmetics cases, gift bags, messenger bags, shopping bags… as well as many kinds of plastic bags and paper bags.

About 72% of them are factory direct sale offices. Agents take a 27% percent, including a 6% percent of general agents and exclusive distributors. 

The old Yiwu bags and cases market are famous for low prices. But because of the worldwide financial crisis strike, many suppliers now start focusing more on quality and creativity. 

The cheap crappy market is changing a bit now. I'll talk more about this in Featured Suppliers section at bottom of this page.


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