Bag Trends for fall/ winter


Bag Trends for fall/ winter 

In 2011, there are some fashion tendencies that become attractive:

1. Nude colors. Nude is hot this season, no wonder it has become a fall and winter bag trend. We see it in plenty in clothing collections, shoes and even accessories. It looks great and chic and gives us versatility we all want from handbags.

2. Combination of colors. This story is very similar to the one of floral. From the start of the warmer season we all have rushed to buy pieces with a few colors combined. This trend will extend to the fall/ winter 2011/ 2012 fashion season. So, don’t put those items far away.

3. Floral print. Floral have been with us since the beginning of spring 2011 and are going to stay for an indefinite period. So, if you like the pattern and want to bring more femininity to your look, this is right for you.

4. Chain handles. Channel handbags are the most popular with fashion, so we can find nothing surprising in the fact other designer and brands use this interesting detail in their creations. 

5. Entire world is with you. Everyone would like to visit such places of interest as Eiphel Tower or Westminster Abbey. Bags give you this chance, but you don’t have to go anywhere. 

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