Artificial Flowers Welcomed Their Spring in Yiwu China

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Artificial Flowers Welcomed Their Spring in Yiwu China

After the sales rush season in foreign trade, the well sell relay baton was passed on to the domestic market in Yiwu China.

Artificial flowers nowadays are different from those of ten years ago, nobody would buy artificial flowers that are too fake. You must make them look like real.” said an artificial flower dealer Song Lijun in Yiwu International Trade City District 1.
At the beginning of July, artificial flowers welcomed their spring. Till November, the sales peak in foreign trade lasted 5 months. Since December, this well sell “relay baton” was passed on to the domestic market. The sales market stay prosperous all the way.

Now the domestic market is prosperous. By the end of the year, many people like to buy some artificial flowers to decorate their house so as to make a new look. Currently, medium and high grade artificial flowers such as high-simulation or with gold glitters are best selling. Ordinary inferior smooth cloth made rose bouquet sells at about 10 yuan per bunch, medium or high grade beaver made rose sells at up to 4 yuan each branch and are more favored by consumers.” Song Lijun told us. Due to the lasting cost raise of raw materials, a price boom has appeared in artificial flowers market in November and prices generally rose by 10%. It stays still at present. There is no sign of continuous price raise.

In people’s minds, artificial flowers are mostly roses, peonies, sunflowers and other big and brilliant flowers or flower vine, vines etc. which are very suitable for hotels, shopping malls or other special occasions like wedding ceremonies. They seem to be garish and tacky in the living room. In fact, a variety of small artificial flowers have appeared in the market such as lavender, calla lily, starry-sky accompanied by a small pastoral clay pot or a small wooden box. Some are simply made into hand bouquet and flower balls pendant which can be placed on the dining table, office desk, bedside cabinet, balcony and kitchen etc. Song told Amanda reporter that such small artificial flowers sell at 5 yuan as wholesale price. Many home magazines are also interested in artificial flowers and regard them as a new trend in Yiwu China.

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