African Commodities Exhibition Center Was Officially Settled Down in Yiwu

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African Commodities Exhibition Center Was Officially Settled Down in Yiwu

Yesterday, on the 16th China Yiwu International Commodities Fair and the 3rd African Commodities Exhibition opening ceremony, secretary of Municipal Committee Zhiping Huang took over the bronze medal of “African Commodities Exhibition Center” from Jian Chen, vice minister of National Commerce Ministry, which marks African Commodities Exhibition Center is officially settled in China Yiwu.

As a share-oriented global commodities trade platform, Yiwu market is the bridgehead of the trade between China and Africa. In 2008, of the ten largest countries to which Yiwu small commodities are exported, African countries accounted for three. At the end of 2009, there were over 204 African administrative bodies stationed in Yiwu and more than 1,000 permanent African merchant residents. In this new situation, developing trade with Africa has become a highlight of Yiwu market external expansion.

In September, 2009, Yiwu government submitted to Zhejiang province government the application for setting up an “Exhibition Center” in the International Trade City Import Commodities Hall so as to promote China-Africa economic and trade cooperation to a higher level. Under the great support by National Commerce Ministry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant state ministries and commissions, in November 2009, as a measure of supporting the development of African countries, “Exhibition Center” was taken into the China-Africa Cooperation Forum the Fourth Ministerial Conference Action Plan and was fortunately located in Yiwu.

According to the plan, “Exhibition Center” will open in April 2011. Preparation work such as site lay-out and merchant recruitment etc. are being carried out positively.

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