6,100 round-trip operations with 18 routes of “YiXinEU”

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A striking illustration of Yiwu sticking to and expanding the “Yiwu Development Experience” and completely implementing the “Belt and Road” project is the “Yi-Xin-Europe” China-Europe freight train. Currently, the Eurasian continent is being traversed by this “giant dragon” of the new era day and night. With 18 working lines available, it has reached 101 foreign stations and more than 50 nations and regions.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative. The “Yi-Xin-Europe” China-Europe freight trains have a good momentum of operation. So far, a total of more than 6,100 trains have been run back and forth, showing rapid growth, dense operation network, large industry drive, and business model. It has distinctive characteristics such as strong innovation and reform empowerment. At the same time, the types of goods shipped to Eurasian countries and regions have also achieved diversified development.

According to statistics, from 586 million yuan in 2014 to exceeding 30 billion yuan in 2022, the import and export goods trade volume of the “Yi-Xin-Europe” China-Europe freight trains supervised by Yiwu Customs has increased for nine consecutive years.

Open up new space for internal and external development

On September 30, 2022, the “Yi-Xin-Europe” China-Europe freight train (Yiwu-Kadikoy, Turkey) rail-sea combined transport train made its debut under the supervision of Yiwu Customs. This is the 18th route of the “Yixin-Europe” China-Europe freight train.

The “Yixin-Europe” China-Europe freight train has accelerated both its number of operations and route expansion since the first line opened in 2014 and will open the 18th line in 2022. For commercial and trade transactions, the “circle of friends” has kept growing. It has established 5 abroad distribution hubs in Duisburg, Madrid, Moscow, and Tashkent, reaches more than 50 nations and regions, and spreads to 101 overseas stations. This has successfully facilitated trade and commercial ties between Yiwu and other parts of the world.

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