48 super green buses appear on Yiwu

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On December 23rd, our reporter saw 48 super green buses neatly arranged in the parking lot of the South Union Terminal in Yiwu China. A few days later, these red buses will be shuttle buses on Yiwu road to provide a more comfortable bus for citizens. These buses national recommended hybrid buses and they are exactly the same with those environmentally friendly bus which pick Beijing Olympics athletes.

green buses appear on Yiwu

green buses appear on Yiwu

“One bus worth 800,000, which worth a double value of normal bus. Our company spent more than 40,000,000 RMB to purchase 48 buses of this model.” Chen Zhaoxin, the general manager assistant of Heng Feng Transport company, told us that they carefully considered about the environmental friendly and low carbon aspects of  Yiwu city, and then decided to spent such large amount of money investment on super green bus. Tested by the authorities, with these super green vehicles, Yiwu city can reduce  56 tons emissions of harmful gases one year than using normal buses.

The 48 buses purchased is the first batch of environmentally friendly vehicles in Yiwu City. These hybrid buses can be driven by diesel and battery power. Buses is Launched by battery power, when the speed if 15-20 km per hour, the bus switch to diesel driving. As these buses use battery power when they launch, they will not emit black smoke. This is very environmentally friendly. When buses get on, you can feel the driving more smooth than ordinary buses. And there is no choking fuel smell in Yiwu.

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