2011 Spring Festival stocking up begin in Yiwu market

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2011 Spring Festival stocking up begin in Yiwu market

Amanda reporters learned that during the Spring Festival, the four district of International Trade City will be shutdown on January 29th, 2011 (Lunar New Year December 26th) afternoon and reopened at 8:00 on February 14th (lunar calender January 12th). For this reason, merchants has started to stock up for  the Spring Festival in Yiwu market. “Lunar new year is coming, all kinds of cotton slippers, sports shoes and casual shoes sell well on the four districts of Yiwu market, however, ladies leather boots and snow boots enjoy the largest sales volume,” a Fujian Merchant told reporters on January 14th. Reporters saw on the fourth district of International Trade City that over the two days dealers are busy in preparing for delivering goods  to customers. One or several packaged products are  placed at each storefront, waiting to be loaded for transportation.

At present on Yiwu market, not only shoes business is hot but also hosiery, luggage, watches, toys, hardware and accessories industry enjoy hot selling. It is estimated that a small peak of stocking for business after the Spring Festival is expected to come in mid-January, because the Spring Festival of this year is almost later for half a month than last year. By then, the kitchen supplies (non-metal), travel shoes, hardware, stationery, rain gear and other industries buyers will increase replenishment. In addition, from the trend of purchasing small order and various order of last year, Yiwu market foreign trade is expected to appear Spring Festival holiday stock peak in advance.

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