2011 jelly package

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Jelly is a package of natural rubber materials, new process developed bag. The slightly transparent texture to the bag has injected new vitality. QQ translucent jelly bag, definitely eye-catching, you must like it.

Jelly bag body type generally small majority, the most suitable to put on is some summer sunglasses essential water, like a small thing. Milky white, shell pink, navy blue jelly bag is nowadays popular single product. Jelly bag not only color, superior materials, also there are many options style: surprisingly large bag showing relatively strong taste for leisure, short-wide medium-sized barrel bag fashion personality, there is a small bag, cross body bag in the armpit, the bags bottom just to the waist, very charming and feminine, match with lace shirt, put on a large lotus leaf skirt, followed by leisure slippers, both lovely and dignified and generous, really excellent match.

Do not think jelly bag only to go out for leisure use, in fact, as the office OL are the same family can have it. Many brands for office women, have been offering elegant colors, shapes office package jelly bag, and some jelly packet sizes will be designed just to put A4 size documents.

You may think though QQ jelly bag good-looking, but unpractical, summer sweat, afraid discolor for take a long time , and afraid of the crowd jammed, the bag easily deformed. In fact,you needn’t worry about, because the jelly is not a plastic bag material, but natural rubber. Long-term use does not appear discoloration, if accidentally distorted, just put it in warm water bubbles, it will be able to restore the prototype.

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