Yiwu chains

by | May 15, 2012 | Yiwu Products

Yiwu chains

Chain is made of steel parts system, and it is widely used in basic machine area. Yiwu chains are usually comprised three driving chain, conveying chain, chain pulley and special professional chain.

The chains usually deeply linked with machines. Many machines need to start, but without chains, everything maybe harder. Yiwu chains have many types, but the main structures consist of scraping belt, link pin, shaft sleeve and other parts. For other types, they just change a little for different needs.

The same range of Yiwu chains can classify on the material, the types of chain accessories and hinges. The same range of Yiwu chains can also divide by the pitch by step, bay number, the width of the chains and the ultimate tensile load.

Yiwu chains are variety, there are some stainless steel and those alloy stet for common material, and other materials like upright with board, long end shaft are also the ones.

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Updated on 26/08/2017

Yiwu chains

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