Wang Bin Frame: To Demonstrate Corporate Image On Yiwu Fair

by | Oct 6, 2010 | Yiwu News

Wang Bin Frame: To Demonstrate Corporate Image On Yiwu Fair

On the desktop of Yaofeng Wu, Manager of Wang Bin Group Exhibition Department stands an European-style fair application renderings. Wu is working with colleagues to discuss the details of exhibition stand construction.

“This is our main idea in setting up booths on the Yiwu Fair 2010,” Wu explained to reporters, ” Decorations used both inside and outside the booth are our own products. And this stand construction will cost us nearly 100,000 yuan.”

With exhibitions no less than 10 each year, Wang Bin Frame is already well instructed, but why they make so great efforts for the Fair this year? Wu explained, “Many consumers may think ‘Wang Bin Frame’ produces only frame, but in fact we are also in R & D production of a lot of home modification soft materials.” The biggest feature of Yiwu Fair is that it attracts various exhibitors. Apart from professional buyers at home and abroad, there are a lot of general consumers. Making good use of the Fair may help improve the image of a company and its products in society. The company applied decoration materials that are researched and developed independently into the booth design so that visitors can intuitively feel the overall effect.

Wu said, “Our products have hundreds of species, 8 stands is not enough. We can only pick the most popular and newly developed products in recent years for exhibition.” In choosing the exhibition products, Wu and his team spared no efforts and finally decided to choose oil painting, board painting and European high-end frame as a leading role. This year in May, the company especially brought in high-tech talents and specialized machinery and equipments from Guangzhou and Shenzhen to make good preparation for the Fair. Wu believes that after seeing these products consumers will certainly change the impression that Wang Bin Group is limited to ” photo frame “.

“Wang Bin frame” is hope to promote the corporate image by the “advertising effect” of exhibitions. Wu admits, “orders are important, but the economic effects virtually brought by exhibitions can not be measured by the number of orders.”

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