Yiwu craft market

Pottery Yiwu city

Pottery Yiwu city Are you curious to amazing China potty? Do you want to be pottery wholesaler or a smart shopper in your country? Choosing pottery Yiwu city will be your suitable method. Pottery in Yiwu city is always shown and sold in Yiwu Craft Market, which is the famous market in Yiwu locates in […]

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Yiwu gift fair

Yiwu gift fair Every year Yiwu will hold more than 30 trades fair, the Yiwu gift fair is hold between 10th mar, and 12th mar. In Yiwu, the gift is selling in Yiwu art and craft market, you can find on 3rd Floor, District 1 of International Trade City. And in Yiwu china international trade […]

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