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Yiwu film

Yiwu film There is no doubt that Yiwu film is very well-known and famous. Especially Hengdian City, where is very near Yiwu city, is very famous for its film place. Every year, many directors come there and play many films. So there is no reason that you should miss Yiwu film. Yiwu films have different […]

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Yiwu Cinema-Yiwu movie

Yiwu Cinema There are two modern cinemas in Yiwu. The old Yiwu Film City and newly opened Yiwu Hengdian Cinema. Yiwu Film City Yiwu Film City was built in 1995 and renovated on October 2004. It owns a construction area of 5,000 square meters, 4 video hall of big and small sizes and 1099 seats […]

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