With Sexy Lingerie Showing her body

 With Sexy Lingerie Showing her body As a woman, be sexy and hot is fall in additional to make men love them. Therefore, it is very important for all women to do something that can withstand its appearance of people, especially men. If you see in magazines, there are many models that show his slender […]

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Yiwu lingerie shop

  Yiwu lingerie shop     Yiwu market sale all kinds of small commodities including life necessities. In Yiwu International trade city district 4 on the 4 floor the Yiwu lingerie shop is in there.     Yiwu lingerie shop mainly sell bras, knit (sleep) clothing, underwear and other products. You can find all styles of lingerie there, the sex […]

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2011 Underwear Industry Trends Published in Yiwu

What will China’s underwear industry trends be like in 2011? What types of underwear will consumers tend to ? On January 18th, China Underwear Committee¬† issued underwear industry trend of 2011. Peng Guifu, the Executive vice president of China Textile Business Association and China underwear Committee President, said that as the most dynamic sector of […]

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