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Yiwu cords

Yiwu cords Are you an international businessman dealing with all kinds of cords or you need the cords to decorate your products and make your products look more attractive? And do you find that the cords in your own country are of high price and can not satisfy your picky customers any more? Come to […]

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Yiwu daily use item

Yiwu daily use item Yiwu daily use item is one of the most important commodity items in the history of Yiwu market development. If you are going to pay a visit to Yiwu, no matter for purchase or traveling, you can’t miss the market of Yiwu daily use item. The daily use item is mainly […]

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Yiwu China towels

Yiwu China towels Can we live without using any towel, the answer is exactly no. We start everyday with towel, also we change our towels regularly. So if your shop sells daily essentials, then towels must be your commodity item. Yiwu China towels offer you products at better price, and ensure the quality at the […]

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Yiwu gloves company

Yiwu gloves company If you have heard of Yiwu glove, you may wonder about Yiwu gloves companies. Yiwu glove companies are so famous in Yiwu market that their products owned the name “Yiwu glove”. There are more than 1000 glove companies and 46000 workers, more than 20000 machines, about 40% are imported. Above 60% of […]

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