District 1 of International Trade City

Hair ornament Yiwu

Hair ornament Yiwu Hair ornament industry is a kind of fashion industry and always contacts with beauty. So hair ornaments are needed all along. Hair ornaments in Yiwu market are surely over value, they are the newest designs, made in different materials. In Yiwu hair ornament market you can almost find everything you expect. These […]

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Arts and crafts in Yiwu

Arts and crafts in Yiwu Arts and crafts in Yiwu have a big market; foreigners from 160 countries come to Yiwu to buy arts and crafts. Like Middle East, Europe, South America and other countries and districts. Do you need Yiwu arts and crafts? Welcome to the 3rd Floor, Arts and crafts market, District 1 […]

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Yiwu arts & crafts

Yiwu arts & crafts Yiwu art & craft is one of the best-seller industry in Yiwu, it is located on the 3rd Floor, District 1 of International Trade City. The products are sold to America, Europe, Southeast Asia South Korea, Middle East, Egypt, Russia and other countries. Yiwu market wholesale craft gift supplier is incorporate […]

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