South African Aloe settled Yiwu

by | Aug 4, 2011 | Yiwu News

Aloe gel can against bask, acne removing diminish inflammation, moisturize, also has a supporting role for cuts, burns, toothache, insect bites, skin itching. known as “universal skin care products,” said by consumers. Recently, South Africa aloe vera gel products have been shipped to the Yiwu market,for test marketing.

“South Africa is a rainbow nation, where not only rich in diamonds, aloe is also world famous.” International Trade City Museum of imported goods Luoling Juan, head of South Africa, said South Africa’s geography and climate are very suitable for growing aloe vera, the most famous is the Cape Aloe, also known as Cape of good hope Aloe. This is a traditional medicinal plant, using it as raw material made ​​of aloe vera gel product ,the purity is very high, a local tour guide will push local products.

At present, there are basically aloe gel are”Made in China” ,and main with perfect, elegant other local brands, a homemade aloe vera gel 40g installed price of not more than $ 30. Since last year, the forum, the rise of an Taobao Shopping influx of overseas aloe vera gel, natural brand South Africa ALOEMASTERCARE are the most popular aloe vera gel, each purchasing price of about $ 70.

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