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ODM & OEM Manufacturing Services China

Yiwu based China Sourcing Agents Yiwu Amanda Intl Group can assist you with contract manufacturing for custom made products from OEM manufacturers and ODM manufacturers. Ask Us About OEM Manufacturing For Custom Products Made In China

What Is OEM Manufacturing?

Original Equipment Manufacturing or OEM refers to an equipment manufacturer who creates and assembles products that is marketed under a different brand name or company by a separate vendor or reseller.

What Is ODM Manufacturing?

Original Design Manufacturing or ODM refers to a manufacturer who anonymously designs and manufactures its own products, usually under contract manufacturing for OEM companies who then market the products separately.

OEM Electronic Products Manufacturing

Have your custom electrical products or custom electronic products produced by OEM manufacturers in China, Asia or Hong Kong. Whether you require LCD or LED products manufacturing or electrical products manufacturing, our knowledge base and experience in OEM manufacturing overseas is extensive. Let us help you save money and increase profits on a diverse range of electrical and electronic products including lights, appliances, adapters, telephones, MP3 players, DVDs, radios and stereo systems.

OEM Promotional Products Manufacturing

Our contract manufacturing services can arrange cost effective ODM and OEM manufacturing for such diverse promotional products as stationary, mugs, key chains, t-shirts, photo albums, lanyards and more. Stay competitive and increase your profits while having your unique promotional products custom designed and manufactured by overseas OEM manufacturers. Arcadia Concepts offers assistance to inventors and product developers plus corporate and private business. We’ll see you throughout the entire OEM manufacturing process giving you access to in-house engineers to help you take your promotional products from original concept to market.

OEM Toy Products Manufacturing

OEM manufacturers in China, Asia and Hong Kong specialize in toy products manufacturing. Arcadia Concepts is a full-service China sourcing agent with the right connections to successfully help you with cost effective contract manufacturing by overseas OEM manufacturers. Our sourcing agents speak fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese so there is no language barrier. Have your custom toy products produced by OEM wholesale China toy manufacturers. We can help you with bendable toys, stuffed toys, plastic toys and toy cars.

Contact us about OEM Manufacturing

Yiwu Amanda offers full-service contract manufacturing and China Export Manufacturing for products made from plastic, wood, ceramics and aluminum metal, backed by an extensive knowledge and experience base. Trust your OEM manufacturing of Custom Products Made in China to experienced China Sourcing Agents.
For more information about ODM and OEM manufacturing in China, please email to sales@yiwuen.com or complete our online Contact Form for Contract Manufacturing Services.

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