Sourcing Tips: Guide, Car & Phone

GCP: Guide, Car, Phone
– all for an efficient souring tour
2 sourcing guides, PLUS a 5-seat car (Mercedes Benz) or 7-seat car (Buick GL8 MPV). It is FREE for our customers. If you need local mobile phone(s)/SIM card(s), our guides will help you.

Why A Sourcing Guide?

#1 A sourcing guide can help you with language and directions.

If you can’t communicate well, you can’t do business well. If you don’t know this HUGE market well, you can’t find what you’re looking for, within a limited period of time.

#2 A sourcing guide can help you with negotiations.

When the shops see foreigners coming in, they see big dollars and easy money. It’s your homework to know the price level of your products, but our sourcing guide can also give you suggestions based on their experience.
They can also help you negotiate with MOQ (minimum order quantity), lead time, packaging, and ect.

#3 A sourcing guide can help you keep everything organized.

This sourcing guide will help you with data recording. They will deliver an e-version spreadsheet for all the products you showed interest after each sourcing day. You can have all important information for finalizing your orders later.
Many visitors ended up with nothing from their trip, because they missed much useful information. When they’re finalizing their orders later back home, they find it’s a “mission impossible”.
They will have to spend lots of time obtaining the information like cbm/ctn, g.w/ctn, lead time, packaging… etc.and etc., again and again…

#4 A sourcing guide can follow up your orders when necessary.

Although with that spreadsheet in hand, you can let anyone to follow up your order.The guide is still the best candidate for this offer as he/she knows what you want and what you’re talking about.

Why A Car?

#1 Yiwu taxi is a headache.

Compared to cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing… Yiwu is just a small town. The taxis here are not well organized at all.
You can wait for half an hour without any taxi stop for you during rush hour, or you can find yourself sharing a taxi with several other groups (without sharing the cost, of course), on a town view cruise.
The same taxi will take you first to a place, drop off someone, then take you to another place, drop off someone, finally drop off you at your hotel. They will keep picking up “taxi-mates” at the same time, of course.
You may also end up on a motorbike taxi or an e-tricycle taxi because that’s the only option available. It is just TOO dangerous AND they can also charge you ridiculous price, sometimes.

#2 With this car, our sourcing guide can pick you up from Yiwu airport, Yiwu train station, Yiwu bus station for FREE.

This is first to guarantee that you can have a seamless smooth transaction, second is to keep you away from “a 5-minute, 200-CNY-ride” stories.
That was a story happened to one of our UK clients, and I don’t want that story happen to any of my clients again.

#3 A car can take you to factories, banks, restaurants, or pharmacies when necessary.

Why A Local Phone/SIM Card?

– to keep you stay in touched easily.
Our guides will help you to buy local phone/ SIM card. It is very very cheap.

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