OEM Electronic Products Manufacturing


OEM Electronic Products Manufacturing

Custom LED, LCD Electrical & Electronic Products Manufacturing
Based in Yiwu China, Amanda Intl Group is a China Sourcing Agent specializing in sourcing for Custom Products Made in China. We also act as agents for OEM and ODM Contract Manufacturing.
If you are an inventor or small to medium sized business that want to produce custom electrical products, custom LED or LCD products or custom electronic products overseas we can help. Ask Us About Contract Manufacturing Services Take advantage of our extensive experience and broad knowledge base and let us help you save money with electronic products manufacturing, LED products manufacturing, LCD products manufacturing and electrical products manufacturing in China.

Electrical Products Manufacturing in China

Ask us about electrical products manufacturing in China. We’ve helped clients with Contract Manufacturing Services for a broad range of electrical products manufacturing including;
* Lights
* Adapters
* Appliances

Electronic Products Manufacturing in China

Get connected with electronic products manufacturers in China and save money manufacturing custom electronic products overseas including:
* Telephones
* Radios
* MP3 Players
* Stereo Systems

LCD & LED Products Manufacturing – China

The manufacturing of LCD & LED products overseas can mean significant cost savings to you. Let Yiwu Amanda help you find a qualified LCD or LED China manufacturer to produce your custom LCD & LED products.

Contact Yiwu Amanda

Yiwu Amanda is a full-service China sourcing agent for custom made products in China and other overseas markets. Our China sourcing agents speak fluent English, and Chinese (Mandarin) ensuring that there is no language barrier to hinder your overseas custom manufacturing efforts.
Let our in-house engineers help you with everything from blueprints and design structure to custom manufacturing, packaging, transportation and exporting your custom made electrical and electronic products out of China. Ask us about China Export Manufacturing.
For more information about custom electronic products manufacturing, custom electrical products manufacturing or custom LCD & LED products manufacturing in China, please email to sales@yiwuen.com or complete our online Contact Form for Contract Manufacturing Services.

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Please send email to sales@yiwuen.com or call +86 15267958555.