Onsite Inspection Services

Onsite Inspection Services * to investigate your supplier’s manufacture ability
* to check the product quality to ensure it in accordance with the specifications
* to ensure that the goods are actually those being shipped and loaded into the container
* provide you a standard-based inspection report
* like you come to China to save your cost and time greatly
The Onsite Inspection (OI) services is designed to solve the obstacles in long distance travel to China, language and culture difference.
The Onsite Inspection services cover the complete supply chain of a product and involve visual evaluation of statistically selected samples at various stages of production. – Pre-Production Check (PPC) Reduce the risk that production is jeopardized by non-qualified material and components supply. – Initial Production Check (IPC) About 10% finished product in correct material / accessories / labels / packing, etc. should be ready for checking. Full size / colour sets, minimum 3 units per size / colour / style should be ready for inspection.
Permit timely corrections of any non-conformities detected, and improvements action to be made prior to the commencement of mass production. – During Production Check (DPC) At least 20%- 80% goods finished and over 20% packed into export carton, when we perform inspection.
Allows evaluation of the average product quality during manufacturing and detect problems at an early stage to avoid last minute delay. – Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) 100% production finished, and at least 80% packed into cartons, with balance under packing stage should be ready for inspection.
Cover product appearance, workmanship quality, size measurements, functionality assortment, accessories, labeling and packing. Permits the assessment of Quality of the Goods which are ready packed to be shipped. Inspection certificates are issued if stipulated in the letter of credit. – Container Loading Supervision (CLS) To identify the products is confirmed to purchase order
To make sure correct quantity will be loaded in containers
To inspect the container condition (suitability and cleanliness)
To document any damage observed during process
To take photo as per instruction during loading supervision
To witness the container is sealed with shipping line seal immediately on completion of loading – Production Monitoring Inspection (PMI) Production Monitoring Inspection offers a penetrating insight of the whole production process in your factory from the raw material to final products. The inspector monitors closely the whole process according to factory’s producing schedule and detect the existed and potential problems. Based on our daily quality and production status reporting, you can make corrective decisions and adjust the production schedule timely, to ensure the goods meet your specification and delivery time.
Our OI service is like you come to China and on site to the factory to save your time and money greatly! We will send an onsite inspection report to you. OI service is very important if you order products from new supplier or order large quantity.
The Onsite Inspection (OI) services rate: US$99 per day, plus travel cost: 1) Bus/Train/Air ticket fee: based on the ticket invoice; 2) Hotel fee: US$49/day Note: we do Onsite Inspeciton Services only in Mainland China, we can NOT do Onsite Inspeciton Services in Hongkong and Taiwan.
We strongly recommend you using our Onsite Inspection ( OI ) services before you order products from new supplier or order large quantity in China to prevent you from being scammed, we love to help you.

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