Yiwu Sourcing Commission

Yiwu Sourcing Commission, Yiwu Agent Commission, What is the commission rate of export agent service in Yiwu?

We charge an affordable commission (1% to 2%) based on your grant purchase value and total numbers of suppliers. More suppliers, more work for us.


(No include the inland charge $1,000.00 for one 40HC and $800.00 for one 20FT container)

FAQ of Yiwu Sourcing Commission:

1) I think you service fee is too high. Why not free of charge?

We supply reliable and professional agent service, and affordable. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Low to 1% commission fee, enjoy our top notch service.

2) Why the service fee is too low?

Yes, 1% to 2% commission. Affordable, save your cost. There is an idiomatic phrase called “Small profits but quick turnover”. We export over 3,000 Containers per Year, and over 100 Million US Dollars Turnover. Low to 1% commission, we help customers save cost, many customers choose us. Meanawhile, long term business relationship will let us get more and more profit.

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