Day: November 13, 2012

Men’s shoes

Men's shoes  Men's shoes can be categorized by how they are closed: 1. Oxfords (also referred as "Balmorals"): the vamp has a V-shaped slit to which the laces are attached; also known as "closed lacing". The word "Oxford" is sometimes used by American clothing companies to market shoes that are not Balmorals, such as Blüchers.  […]

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The type of garment appearance

  The type of garment appearance Apparel appearance changes are the following types: (A) Square: Its characteristics is fit, comfort, freedom, and can fully display the slender body. (B)the positive ladder: it is characterized by lively, chic, beautiful. Ministry has modified the shoulder, exaggerated the role of the lower part, is a common style. (C) […]

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