Day: June 2, 2012

Yiwu city

Yiwu city is more than a beautiful and clean city in Zhejiang province, China, but also the important city in the world economics development. It is the biggest small commodities city in the world. It enjoys high reputations for the sea of small commodities, the paradise for shoppers. The weather in Yiwu city is very […]

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Yiwuen is very easy to logo on, and there you can find much important useful information before you are going to Yiwu City. Yiwuen is the website of Amanda Import and Export Company in Yiwu. There you could see the pages of our Amanda Company; the three pictures show the solemn, professional in business of […]

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Yiwu wholesale markets

Yiwu wholesale markets Sometimes, do you want to find a reliable supplier for your business line? Or do you want to expand your business lines and try some new items, and then Yiwu wholesale market is your beast choice. Yiwu wholesale markets in China are very famous and almost every businessman all knows Yiwu City, […]

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Yiwu tele

Yiwu tele Nowadays, Yiwu tele is more and more popular. Our life style is nervous and we only relax at weekend. But someone may not like to go out for traveling. So what can they do? I think watch TV is a good idea. If you want to buy a tele or change a better […]

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Yiwu market products

Yiwu market products Whether you are preparing wholesale products for Christmas or trying to find some new items for your business lines. It is a nice idea that you should come to Yiwu market. It is known to almost every businessman that Yiwu market products are the prefect and the market is the most comfortable […]

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