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Information about Yiwu Permanent Fair

  Information about Yiwu Permanent Fair Yiwu City has the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market, and the Yiwu market is the permanent fair. Below is the information about Yiwu permanent fair. There are 43 industries and 400000 commodities samples in Yiwu market. Here is opened every except Spring Festival, so businessmen can almost come here every time […]

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Footian Market China

  Footian Market China Yiwu market is the largest commodity wholesale market in the world. It includes much market, such as the International Trade City, Huangyuan Market, Food Market, Plant Market and some other local markets. The International Trade City is the main market of Yiwu market, and it’s also named as Footian Market China. Footian Market China […]

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Weaving caps in Yiwu market

  Weaving caps in Yiwu market Nowadays more and more people run after fashion and recently the rural style is very popular.Weaving caps is a topical symbol of rural style. China Yiwu International Trade City has 5 districts and the cap is in the district 4 on 2floor. There you can find the weaving caps in Yiwu market. The […]

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China Yiwu zipper factory

  China Yiwu zipper factory Yiwu International Trade City is the largest commodity in the world. There you can find any thing you need. Most suppliers own their factories in Yiwu. They can offer the products with low price at high quality. China Yiwu zipper factory has all kinds of zippers you can think and […]

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Yiwu Districts

  Yiwu Districts Yiwu, the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market, is a city of Zhejiang Province. Yiwu districts are located in the middle part of Zhejiang Province, and belong to Jinhua City. Yiwu districts have a very flourish economy and convenient traffic. It is the first AAAA tourist shopping city, which is named by […]

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patchwork in Yiwu

  patchwork in Yiwu Yiwu city is located in the middle of Zhejiang Province and has a long history. The patchwork in Yiwu is also very famous .As we all know Yiwu International trade city is the largest small commodities wholesale market. There you can find all kind of goods you need in your job and your […]

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Yiwu market shopping

  Yiwu market shopping China Yiwu International Trade City is very famous as the largest small commodities wholesale market in the world. All of the businessmen come to China make purchases for their organization or enterprise. Yiwu market shopping must be an unforgettable trip in China. There are 5 districts in Yiwu International Trade City. […]

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Yiwu market china business

  Yiwu market china business Maybe you want to come to China to do business, but you are hesitating which market you can purchase your products. We all know there are many wholesale markets in china but Yiwu market is always your best choice. Yiwu market china business in Yiwu International Trade City can offer high quality commodity with […]

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How many miles is Shanghai to Yiwu?

  How many miles is Shanghai to Yiwu? Both Shanghai and Yiwu are very international city. Many foreign friends come to Shanghai for a visit. But they are attracting by Yiwu city and they may have a question how many miles is Shanghai to Yiwu?  It is about 312 miles from Shanghai to Yiwu. It's not far […]

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China Wholesale UK PayPal

  China Wholesale UK PayPal PayPal is the largest online payment platform in the world. It is a safer, faster way to pay money online when you need to transfer money to someone. The financial details are never shared, but PayPal will remember everything for the users. PayPal is accepted at thousands of websites, it’s […]

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