Building our own brand to keep the clothing industry with”eternal youth”–from Yiwu News

by | Dec 16, 2010 | Yiwu News

Building our own brand to keep the clothing industry with”eternal youth”–from Yiwu News

From Yiwu News—Amanda reportes: Referred to “the hometown of Chinese shirts “, people immediately think of Yiwu, with the gold standard in the apparel industry of Yiwu shining for over 20 years, apparel industry has always occupied an important position in Yiwu’s pillar industries. The “Eleventh Five-Year plan” going to be on wrapup stage, and the”Twelve Five-Year plan” countdown has begun, in what attitude will Yiwu clothing industry greet the new era?

“Where to process collar?  Yiwu! ” Yiwu Garment Industry Association President Chen described the Yiwu apparel industry’s national position. Today, Yiwu has more than 1,700 clothing enterprises, and has become an important base for garment production. The leading products are men and women shirts and underwears. The annual output of men and women’s shirts are about 3 billion pieces and the annual output are about 60 billion RMB. Among these numbers, Dachen, Suxi these two places produce shirts about 12 million. In particular collar producing entreprises are more than 1,000. Not only the yield catch up with entreprises of Shanghai, Guangdong, Ningbo and other places, but also continuously improve products quality, and gradually become the advanced level in China.

Yiwu garment industry with fast transmission of information, regional industrial clustering, talents and customer resources amass, low management and labor cost advantages, continue to expand domestic and foreign markets, and the industry is gradually growing mature. But because of rising raw material prices, labor costs, RMB appreciation and other factors, many enterprises are facing difficulties of profit margins continue to be compressed. Adding value of products and make the brand become bigger and stronger has been the future development way of garment enterprises in Yiwu.

A number of garment enterprises of Yiwu has been exploring new sales channels.  Beike Man Costume Shirt Company’s own self-development and designed vending machines has been places in some major cities in domestic airports, hotels, shopping malls for 100,000 units, exploring a new sales model to attract consumers.  Clockwise Shirt Company gradually introduce apparel online sales model and plans to open an independent online sales platform to account for new market share.

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