Yiwu Hardware Electrical Appliances

Exhibition schedule: April 20-23 3 days
Exhibition Area: 5,0000 square meters
International Standard Booth: 1300

Scope of Exhibits:

Hardware: Hardware & Tools: Hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, universal accessories, Auto tool, gauge and other measuring instruments Architectural Hardware categories: architectural hardware, decoration hardware, plumbing equipment, doors, windows and accessories, standard fasteners, etc. Gift Hardware categories: Smoking gifts, metal handicrafts, decorative hardware, decorative pendants, etc. Daily Hardware category: Hardware utensils, stainless steel products, knives, scissors, razor blades, measuring measuring instrument, etc. Kitchen Hotel supplies: kitchen supplies, sanitary ware, hotel supplies, etc. Hardware Leisure Products: Scooter, safety supplies, outdoor leisure products, office equipment, etc. Supplies Mechanical Equipment: Small machinery, woodworking machinery, garden machinery, cleaning machinery, packaging machinery, lifting machinery, spraying equipment, metal processing, machinery, assembly machinery, air compressors, generators, mechanical and electrical products, sewing with ironing equipment, etc.
Electronics: Electrical products: large household appliances, small appliances, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, communications equipment, photographic equipment, lighting lamps, plug sockets, etc. Electronic products: clocks, instruments and meters, digital products, telecommunication products, etc. Electrical Electrician: Electrical products, electrical electrical material, instrumentation, etc. Accessories equipment: electronic components, electrical accessories, computer accessories, etc.
China International Hardware & Electrical Appliances trade fair

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