Yiwu Religion

There are many Yiwu citizens have religious beliefs, not only Buddhism, but also Christianity, Islam, and so on. Most people respect the gods very much. You enjoy full freedom of religion in Yiwu. Within the limits permitted by law of China, you have the right to believe any religion. In fact, as a city of business, people from countries all over the world come to Yiwu. The number of Christian, Islam is enormous. Of course, the Buddhism is the largest.
With the concerted efforts of Yiwu government and citizen’s, each sect has been organized well, as can be. In 1999, people in Yiwu built a new large grace Christ church which cost eight million Yuan.
At present, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Christianity in Yiwu have sites for religious activities, the site of Catholic is preparing. 67 sites for religious activities ( contains preparing ) have been approved to open, including Buddhism 28,Taoism 1,Islam 1, Catholicism 1, Christian 36. In the nearly 30000 congregation, half is native,half is foreigners. Including about 20000 Muslim, 15000 Christian and Catholic 400, Buddhist can’t be exactly calculated. There are 187 religious people, including Buddhist monks and mums 94, Christianity Priest 7, churchman 3, elder 41, Islam imam 1, Catholicism Celebrant 1, there are no full-time staff in Taoism.
In Yiwu, no matter what religion do you believe,you can find your fellows. Yiwu will contain you openly. People with different religious beliefs live here harmoniously and mutual non-interferingly.
In the following, we introduce the sites for religious activities of Christianity and Islam.


Yiwu Christian Church—Sing Eng Methodist Church, the old name is Choucheng Christian Church, built in 1986-1995. In the August of 1999, the church obtained 10 acreage land, and proposed to build the church with 2200 seats, olden apartment, kindergarten, the volunteer training center, reception center, life and office area.
Sing Eng Methodist Church Address: Yiwu East ZongZe road 237


Yiwu Muslim Temple used to be factory, the area is about three thousand square meter, can accommodate about six thousand people worship together, but also cannot meet the requirement. It is to be noted, Yiwu Muslim Temple may be the only Muslim Temple which the direction of the worship is towards a corner of the temple, and of course it is temporary.
Yiwu Muslim Temple

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