China Crystal Glass Product Fair

China Crystal & Glass Product Fair is held from October 21 to 25 annually.
With 400 exhibiting booths, the 2007 China Crystal& Artistic Fair(the 5rd) is attracting more than 300 exhibiting enterptises from 10 cities and provinces insluding Zhejiang,Jiangsu,Guangdong,Shanghai,Guangxi,and Hebei ,Some famous enterprises such as Agent of asfour Crystal,Yili Crystal ,Tiablong Crystal,appear in the Crysral & Artistic Fair,inclduing 3,000 person times overseas buyers and over 150 purchasing groups.
By comparison,the 2008 China Crystal& Artistic Fair(the fourth ) is icing on the cake,the size of whole exposition has reached 1500,165 exhibiting enterprises,more than 400 exphibiting booths,visitors have reached 8.2 million,within 1.1 million professional audiences.The traveling merchants and trade missions,with come 63 countries such as the United States,Japan,Korea,Malaysia,Canada,Austria,Brazil and area of Hong Kong and Taiwan,han brought great opportunitied for the Crystal exhibiting enterprises all over the country.
China Crystal & Glass Product Fair China Crystal & Glass Product Fair

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