Secrets for a Good Price in Yiwu Market

Secrets for a Good Price in Yiwu Market
Price of most goods in Yiwu is already very cheap, but it’s still the popular topic of concern that how to get a good price in Yiwu market.
What are the secrets for get ting a good price from Yiwu market? Just check this out.
1. Looking for a reliable and professional sourcing agent.
There are many agents in Yiwu China. You’d better look for a reliable and professional sourcing agent in Yiwu who won’t increase the price offered by the supplier.
A experienced agent clears about which shop is best, with lower price and higher quality.
A reliable agent only requires for affordable commission. You need not pay commission high to 10% ~ 30%. What is reasonable? 1% ~ 5%. >> yiwu sourcing commission.
2. Bulky purchases in Yiwu market will bring the price down.
If you buy large qualities of goods from Yiwu Market, for example, an entire container, you may get a 3% discount off. By contrast, if you just buy a few cartons, there would be very limited space for bargainning.
Therefore, try to have a bulky purchase to have a better discount.
3. Pay off the balance while goods delivery.
Many suppliers are willing to offer a slight discount if you can pay off the balance upon goods delivery, as by doing so they don’t need to keep a big cash flow. But this method doesn’t work well now because of the financial crisis. Most suppliers now ONLY “grab cash” as they say.
4. “Comparison shopping”, purchase around to get the lowest price.
This is a huge market with a zillion products. Suppliers compete with each other reasonably, changing the price within a reasonable range. So if you have enough time, it is always a good idea to make a comparison between different suppliers. I’m sure you can always have a better price if you compare 10+ shops for one same product.
Hope these few tips can help you get a good price in Yiwu market. I’ll keep posting more tips about how to get the best price in Yiwu market here as time goes by.

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