Who Had Better Visit Yiwu

Who Had Better Visit Yiwu
Yiwu is the largest small commodity wholesale market in the world. Who had better come to Yiwu?
Basically, anyone interested in importing from China can pay a visit to Yiwu market, especially if he/she is in “small commodities” industries. But here I just stress on who MUST come to Yiwu.
Yiwu is the Mega for wholesalers, shop owners, supermarket owners, and dollar store owners.
If you happen to
1. Have distributing channels.
2. Own several shops for toys, gifts/crafts, stationary…
3. Have one or two supermarkets for everything.
4. Have several dollar stores.
Then come to Yiwu. This is a place that will bring you high profit.You will find that 99% products displaying in Yiwu market can be sold at your own store at 8+ times of their buying price.
Say, you buy one plush Barbie toy at 1.00 USD, you can sell it in your store for at least 8.00 USD. For some small things like hair clips, sewing kits, photo frames… the profit can be totally out of your imagination.
For half of the products you find in your nearby corner store (dollar store) can be imported from Yiwu, at which price makes your mouth open for ten seconds.
These are the advantages of visiting Yiwu. Good prices make sure you have enough profit and variety of designs help you mix up a full container easily.
Things People Don’t Like About Yiwu:
Take the basic black hair bands for example. They are sold at 0.0003 USD / piece. You can put 3 pieces into one pack sold them at 1.00 USD or 2.00 USD in your store. It’s a hundred-times-profit. But the minimum order is 14,400 pieces. Suppose each person in your community uses up 10 pieces bands each month, and then you have to have 1,440 customers.
Solution for this is having some strong selling channels that can help you sell quickly and bulky for one product, or having several stores selling a large variety of everything.
2. QUALITY. You pay junk prices for junks.
Although the quality improved in recently years, especially after the worldwide financial crisis, people still think it’s too risky to buy without excellent quality inspection.
I once ordered two packs of “red envelopes”, around 4,000 pieces. When my parcel arrived, I found none of the designs were what I had selected previously. It’s terrible. I had to accept the designs they delivered. Too much trouble to go back and argue with them.
Solution for this problem is getting someone to do inspection for you. And make sure that person is clear about what you’re looking for. No misunderstanding. >> See Yiwu Agent
This is all about who should/must come to Yiwu – wholesalers, shop owners, supermarket owners, and dollar store owners, and of course, anyone who is looking for new opportunities.

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