Tips for Packaging

Tips for Packaging
——Good Price And Good Quality Must Go With GOOD PACKAGING!
Many buyers, esp. new buyers often neglect the matter of packaging. They usually spend much time and energy on price and quality, but overlook the packaging problem.
Good packaging is very important to avoid damages.
One of our clients from Saudi Arabic ordered a batch of crystal trophies. He paid the deposit and went back home without specific packaging requirements. What he told the factory was “Make sure the best packaging to avoid damages.” And the factory boss promised, “Don’t worry, they will never break. We’re experienced!”
When the factory delivered the trophies to our warehouse, we examined the packaging and gave our opinions that the packaging may be not endurable enough. The manufacturer told us there were no proper packing suppliers because of the coming holiday. And he promised us that the packaging he used was good enough.
Considering the fact that the client sells trophies for a long time, holiday is around the corner, and our client urgently needs these trophies … So we have to dispatch.
In fact, it was our only option at that time.
Then something unfortunate happened:
When we were still enjoying the holiday, our client emailed us that almost all the small and mid-sized trophies were damaged. All we have to do is busy looking for replacements and discussing how to pay for the damages…
Don’t take it for granted that a small piece of “fragile” label will save your fragile products. From my experience, many loaders ignore or neglect the warning sighs intentionally or unintentionally. If nobody’s watching or supervising, the workers will just load or unload goods by the most labor-saving way.
There are many groups of loaders dealing with your goods by different ways and in different places. You can imagine how dangerous it is if your products are not properly packed. Certainly, you are not expecting nasty surprises when opening your cartons at your warehouse.
So here is my suggestion regarding packaging if you’re sourcing in Yiwu:
While you’re discussing price and quality next time, DO discuss packaging as well.

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