I am John from South Africa. I am running three jewelry shops in South Africa with my partner. We started our business two years ago. I used to purchase in local market. After I read a piece of news about Yiwu market, I became interested in it. I discussed with my friends, and then we...   More
South Africa
My name is Alex from USA. We are running five antique shops. I used to purchase over the world, especially China for it is a country has five thousand years’ civilization. And I have been China for couple of years. One of my Chinese friends told me I should talk a journey to Yiwu Market....   More
My name is Kevin from USA running a supermarket. To be frankly, it is not a bad experience in getting commodities from internal wholesalers. But after connecting with Yiwu Amanda Intl Group and spending a week in Yiwu China, I realize the cost I have to stand is much lower than that in the US....   More
Tiffany Firebird
I am Colum McCann from Canada having three stores in different parts of Toronto. It sounds great to tell you how to get more profits like me. Let’s share!!!!!!!!!! It is a small business, under the crisis, which seems hard for me to insist. But maybe I am a lucky guy. Unconsciously, I connected with...   More
Jennifer Greenfield
I am Jack from Sweden. I have three shops in my country focusing on daily life supplies. Usually I purchase on Internet with international supplies. However, it takes us much time and also the quality can not be guaranteed. One day when I came across a piece of news about the Yiwu Market. I become...   More
South Africa