We have one jewelry store in Fiji. We import our products only from Yiwu market. The price is competitive. Our customers like new designs. So I need come to Yiwu to choose new designs every year.   More
We have 3 shops for baby items in Trinidad and Tobago. We came to Yiwu start from 2005. We changed our ex-agent and cooperated with Yiwu Amanda in 2011. – By Jerry   More
Yiwu market is tooooooo huge. I want to say Yiwu market is much bigger than our country – Cook Islands. I came to Yiwu in 2008 and 2010. Thanks for Yiwu Amanda’s help. – By James B.   More
James B
Cook Islands
We are from French Guiana. We export from France every year. We found Yiwu market through internet in 2011. The price in Yiwu market is much cheaper than in France. All the products which we need are available in Yiwu.   More
I am Chinese. Our family lives in Aruba for more than 10 years. I have a shop in Aruba. We export from Yiwu 3 or 4 containers each year. I have no time to Yiwu, Yiwu Amanda Group helps me. By Alex H.   More
Alex H
We are an import company mainly do promotional gifts in Bahrain. We cooperate with Amanda Company start from 2007. Our volume is not too big. We ship by air every time.   More