My name is Kevin from USA running a supermarket.

To be frankly, it is not a bad experience in getting commodities from internal wholesalers.

But after connecting with Yiwu Amanda Intl Group and spending a week in Yiwu China, I realize the cost I have to stand is much lower than that in the US.

Having the cooperation with Yiwu Amanda Intl Group, there is a big profit I can get from this relationship, which increases by 50%. Under the crisis, I would not be afraid, cuz I find a way to be competitive with the protection of lower price but still high quality from Yiwu Amanda Intl Group.

Now for the business, I have regular trips to go to Yiwu China.

If I have no time, it doesn’t matter. Just a call or an email, Yiwu Amanda Intl Group will help me out. Oops.

The secret should not be revealed.