I am John from South Africa. I am running three jewelry shops in South Africa with my partner. We started our business two years ago. I used to purchase in local market. After I read a piece of news about Yiwu market, I became interested in it. I discussed with my friends, and then we decided to take a journey to Yiwu China.

I found an export agent on Internet and told them the time I went to China. They booked the four stars hotel for me. The general manager of my agent company Amanda waited for me in the airport when I got off the plane. They took me to the hotel directly. I felt a little jetlag, so I took a rest in the hotel. The next day, the staffs of Amanda Company were waiting for me downstairs when I finished my breakfast. Then we went to the office to talk about the details of agent service.

The commission is 1%. The agent places the order and delivers the goods to my country. Everything went well in the office. By the way, the coffee of Amanda Company tasted good. Then we went to the market by car with two translators TT and Bob.

It was my first to Yiwu and also China. So I knew nothing about the market. I must show my gratitude to the two translators for their hard-working. Without their help, I could not find what I really want in China. They are very familiar with the market. Every time when I wanted to see something, they could take me to those shops. I talked to the shop owners about the details. I felt very easy staying in the market.

He translator handled everything for me. I just chose what I wanted. That was all I should do.

After I came back to the hotel, the agent sent me the quotation and other details to me.

The four days’ business in China is much more convenient than ever before. After I went back to China, They handled export details for me. I am sure that I will go to China again.