For me, I am totally fine. Who is me? I am Ewan from USA doing business of toy and school supply wholesales. I am not good at doing business with high pressure from inner competition in the US. But what, I find a way to avoid that and even do business better and easier with a competitive pricing.

How could I make it? It is not a short story but I will use two words to abstract.

Under the condition of globalization, I am online like many others to communicate with people around the word.

By accident, I come across a friend from China. Maybe he just wants to practice her English. By the way, he occurs me to have a look in China and meanwhile find the potential in Chinese market.

So I check the internet, and Yiwu city turns out to be the perfect place I should go. But it is hard to go by myself without a guide even though having a friend in northeast of China. It doesn’t work out having her.

After searching I figure out that there are many Yiwu agents or import & export companies in Yiwu. I choose one according to its high professionalism and low cost. It is Yiwu Amanda import & export company.

I have wondered what I should do if they are not friendly and always care about my money. But the truth is that they are so friendly and show their respect on me. The best service I’ve ever met happened to me. Maybe you don’t believe, but I don’t care. What exactly I care about is to show people how Yiwu Amanda do to me. Through it, I purchase a lot of products with ok quality but lower price than that in USA.

Obviously, my business is stronger, even though the economic crisis still affects the confidence in the markets. But it seems to an opportunity for me to sell the dollar item products. And it sells so well that I have to contact Yiwu Amanda Import and Export Company all the time.

They can arrange the goods for me shipped to USA. Of course, sometimes I go there have a purchase. That is amazing!

As friends, hope Yiwu Amanda be more successful, and keep doing on the first rate service indeed.