Day: May 21, 2012

Yiwu mannequins

Yiwu mannequins Mannequins are a kind of artworks that make creative images for models; mannequins are necessary means for those art works to improve modeling ability. Yiwu mannequins also full of advanced art works that have a good fame among the world for its customers.   The types of Yiwu mannequins are usually of tall […]

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Yiwu nightstands

Yiwu nightstands Yiwu nightstands are located in Yiwu furniture market, and there have many types of nightstands, such as the traditional style, new style designs.  The traditional style for Yiwu nightstands is usually made of wood such as oak, cherry. And the color gives us a warm feeling; the design for it also keeps a […]

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Yiwu wardrobes

Yiwu wardrobes When you tidy your room, you may find that you have so many clothes that you have no place to put them. The variety types of yiwu wardrobes can help you at this situation. The variety designs and sizes like the one-door wardrobes, double-doors wardrobes, which can hold may clothes. Some high quality […]

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Yiwu television

Yiwu television Almost everyone are very familiar with TV, it seems that whenever we are, the televisions are always there. Yes, it is. But nowadays, the televisions have changed a lot. In Yiwu Bingwang Market, we could found that many new fashion televisions styles are on sales. Yiwu television is no longer as before, the […]

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